Visit Zaandam in the Netherlands

Zaandam is a medium-sized town located close to Amsterdam, the Dutch capital city. It is only a short distance away from Amsterdam. Zaandam is situated in the Zaan Region and is a part of the municipality of Zaanstad (which consists of seven towns, with Zaandam being the largest).

Zaandam is a small town in the Netherlands, located on the banks of the Zaan river, not far from Amsterdam. Zaandam is a medium-sized city in the Dutch province of North Holland. The Zaanse Schans, the Zaan river, and the yearly Dam tot Damloop, a runner’s event from Amsterdam to Zaandam, are among the city’s most well-known attractions. In a nutshell, it’s a terrific location throughout the year!


What to do in Zaandam?

The Zaanse Schans is the most well-known tourist attraction in Zaandam. A unique slice of Holland, the Zaanse Schans is home to actual wooden buildings, windmills, sheds, and workshops that date back hundreds of years. This is where the 18th and 19th centuries come to life once more. Explore the bakery museum, where you can enjoy the scent of freshly baked bread, or take a look at the warehouse where clogs are still being manufactured today. Take a bicycle or boat excursion, explore the small stores, or enjoy a delicious lunch at the pancake restaurant. The Zaanse Schans is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Czaar Peterhuisje is a house in Czaar, Netherlands.

The Czaar Peterhuisje (Tsar Peter house) is a historical building in the middle of Zaandam. It is one of the oldest wooden buildings in Holland (it was erected in 1632) and has a long and illustrious history. In 1697, Tsar Peter the Great spent the night before departing for the Dutch East India Company’s shipyards in Amsterdam. With his quick visit, he gave the name and fame to this basic wooden laborer’s dwelling. In 1823, a brick shell was constructed around the home to protect the elements.


In addition to the beautiful stores on the Zaanse Schans, you may also spend your time in the town of Zaandam doing whatever you choose. It has recently been refurbished, and in 2013 it was voted the second-best city center in the country.

Accommodations in Zaandam are plentiful.

Guests visiting Zaandam have a choice of accommodations, including a four-star hotel with a unique facade comprised of 70 stacked Zaandam houses. Zaandam is located close to Amsterdam and is an excellent starting place for exploring North-Holland.

A shopping esplanade (which is currently being totally rebuilt), bike rental, taxis, and a hotel are all located directly outside the train station in Zaandam. The Zuiddijk and the Prins Hendrikkade are situated on the river Zaan, which runs through the neighborhood. Walking through the somewhat drab shopping esplanade (known as Gedempte Gracht) will take you 10 minutes to reach the little more atmospheric section where the pubs and restaurants are located.

In all honesty, the center of Zaandam is not particularly noteworthy, save for a few pleasant bars and a place hosting live music. Since the town council is investing a significant amount of resources in the city center’s reconstruction under the term “project Inverdan,” the center has become a massive construction site. This project includes the construction of a completely new town hall adjacent to the railway station. This brand new hotel is designed to look like a collection of wooden houses from the Zaan Region, a shopping mall and apartment complex (Hermitage), and the restoration of the water supply to the Gedempte Gracht shopping mall in the city center.

It is possible to explore the unique Dutch environment, including perfectly flat meadows and windmills scattered across the city. The Zaan Region is considered the world’s earliest industrial region (since it was not powered by steam but rather by wind), as evidenced by numerous historic buildings. In the Netherlands, Zaandam is a great starting place for a bicycle tour around the region.