Lower heat consumption

As E Business News, we dare to assert that infrared heating consumes little energy. This is determined by several factors, including your personal heat consumption and the use of electric infrared heating. Both have an effect on operating expenses.

You will not save any energy if you leave the stove on all the time, whether it is infrared heating or a central heating boiler. Furthermore, there is a significant difference in the quality of infrared radiators. High-quality infrared heating saves energy and provides even heat distribution. They do not, for example, lose heat at the back. The term “electrical heating” refers to a variety of heating methods that cannot and should not be compared. Night heating is, of course, the most traditional type of electric heating. An electric heater can be as simple as a hardware store air heater.

It is run by electricity. These two models cannot be compared to modern and cost-effective electric heating methods, such as infrared heating. Electric infrared heating is a low-cost option for heating your home. This elevates the electric heating image to a whole new level.

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Features of infrared heating

Infrared panels use the long-wave infrared beam, also known as the c-beam. This is not a health risk. Warm X-rays, on the other hand, are beneficial to our bodies. It relaxes us and alleviates problems like joint pain and stiff muscles.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis benefit greatly from it as well. The following are the characteristics of an infrared heater: There is no ventilation. As a result, you are not bothered by floating dust particles in the room, and the air is and will continue to be clean. The heating is distributed evenly throughout the room. There is no condensation on the walls or the windows. Mold does not grow in the walls because they are warmer than the surrounding air. Ideal indoor climate There is no dry air because of the high humidity. Warmth that is comfortable even at low temperatures. There is very little heat loss when windows and doors are opened for ventilation.

Electric heating is less expensive.

Infrared heating and solar panels are a more environmentally friendly alternative to central heating because they do not emit CO2. A self-sufficient solar energy system is always less expensive and better for the environment. Do you have solar panels on your roof, which is understandable given the long-term investment? Furthermore, solar panels are now a standard feature in many new-build homes.

Don’t worry if you don’t have this. Always use renewable energy such as solar panels, wind turbines, or industrial residual heat. You are also CO2 neutral and environmentally conscious in this manner. This provides you with complete self-sufficiency in the field of fossil fuels such as natural gas. We must all take our foot off the gas pedal. Infrared heating is not only good for the environment, but it is also cost effective. As a result, use infrared heating in conjunction with electric heating. Combine this with a high-efficiency heat pump boiler or electric boiler for hot water supply. Furthermore, when you cook on induction, you are completely electric.

How much does it cost to use infrared panels?

An infrared heater performs admirably, converting nearly all of the electricity received into heat. To calculate power consumption, multiply the annual heat requirement by the current electricity price. An example calculation is provided below.

We want to know how much energy an energy-efficient home consumes. The house measures 60 m2. We use five infrared panels, each rated at 600 watts. A sustainable home’s annual heat requirement is no more than 70 kilowatt hours (kWh) per m2. In our scenario, the annual demand is 4,200 kWh. Based on an electricity price of 29.16 eurocents per kWh, the annual heating costs amount to 1,225 euros. To summarize: 60 m2 of living area Specific heating requirements of 70 kWh/m2 Annual heating requirement of 200 kWh The average electricity price is 0.2916 €/kWh. The annual heating bill is 1,225 euros.

Electricity costs more than fossil fuels like gas or oil. It is, however, not long-lasting. Furthermore, if you manage infrared panels correctly and have the appropriate power panels, you can save money on electricity. If you buy infrared panels with insufficient wattage for the space they need to heat, you will continue to burn. Then you don’t save anything. That is why performing a heat calculation is critical. You can get in touch with Energy Efficient Heating about this. You can save money on energy by properly adjusting the thermostat.

Source fro this article comes from the company Infrarood Verwarming. This company Infrarood verwarming is one of the leading businesses in Infrared heaters. We from E Business News are happy with all green solutions to save the planet.