France’s railway corporation has reduced the number of trains

As a result of the COVID-19 problem, France’s railway corporation has reduced the number of trains it operates.

According to a representative for the SNCF, France’s national railway corporation, 10 percent of its high-speed trains and 20 percent of other main line trains would be cut next week.

Following a decline in reservations due to the epidemic, the measure will take effect.

A SNCF Voyageurs spokesperson told AFP that the TGV (high-speed train) transportation plan would be adjusted beginning next week to accommodate up to 90% of the planned service and 80% for the Intercités (other main lines). This is due to a 30% drop in reservations since the beginning of the year, particularly during the week.

The business said that passengers whose trains have been canceled will be notified and given the option of either rebooking or receiving a refund.

Eurostar’s cross-Channel service will run on less than 10% of its scheduled trains.

In order to ensure a more reliable transportation service for passengers, the spokesperson said, “It is not a question of unexpected cancellations but of tailored transport arrangements, which can take into account the lower number of travellers (…).”

In France, the fifth wave of COVID-19 has already had an impact on local trains. More than 328,000 new instances of illness were recorded in the country on Friday, setting a new record for the country.