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All visitors can contact us only through the form. We will answer within two working days.

Search Engine for your convenience is a search engine with all kinds of travel establishment listings. We do not sell or rent out any establishments, we only list them. The hotels are easy to find for your convenience, and you can visit the hotels’ websites. 

If you have questions about the hotels, inns, cottages, or other travel destinations, please contact the establishment themselves. You can do this by clicking on the title of the listing. 

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All business users can contact us through the form, email, or call the business phone number.  

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If you want to change your establishment listing, please register an account and pay the registration fee. You can add or edit one listing with the regular paid registration. Only owners can add and edit properties. We do not accept affiliate or travel agency listings. We also don´t take any other listings than travel establishments. If you register for another subject, it will not be published, and there will be no refund.

I see a listing and I have not register it

We are a search engine for travel establishments and scan the internet for the proper listings. The listing is added for free. If you want to edit it, please register an account. 

Can I remove my listing on Go to the Hotels without registration?

You can unregister the listing with the correct email address, name, and proof of ownership.

Edit or add one establishment

Please contact us with the business form for multiple establishment listings. There is a CSV upload possible and if you have more than 10 listings we give you a discount. Feel free to contact us and we contact you asap.

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